Personal GPS Tracking
DISCRETE , affordable GPS tracking.



Q. Is GPS tracking legal?
A. Absolutely!  You can legally track anything you own.

Q. Can I GPS track my girlfriend/boyfriend?
A. We've never installed a tracker on an actual person.   

Q. Can I track my teenager's car? 
A. If you own the vehicle, you can track it. 

Q. I don't want my teenager to know I'm tracking my vehicle.  Is the tracker discrete?
A. ABSOLUTELY!  Our trackers are about the size of a pager.  (see pic on "Price and Product" page)

Q. I have tracking software on my teenager's cell phone.  Why do I need a GPS tracker too? 
A. The cell phone GPS tracking software only works if the cell phone is turned on or if the phone has a cell signal.  Our trackers are usually installed on a vehicle, parked in the open, and almost always have a signal.

Q. Is this "live GPS tracking"?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I see the location of my tracked item online?
A. YES!  You will be provided with a user name, password and log-in details so that you can discretely track your asset 24/7.  

Q. Are your trackers portable?
A. YES!  Our GPS trackers are installed via a very strong magnetic mount.  They can be moved from vehicle to vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Q. How do your GPS trackers get power?
A. For temporary placements, we have long-life L-Ion batteries that last from 7 - 60 days.  For long term installations, we have a direct power option.  (requires professional installation at an additional cost)

Q. If my asset is stolen can your GPS trackers help locate it?
A. YES!  We actively assist law enforcement in the recovery of stolen assets from construction material to heavy equipment to specialty vehicles. 

Q. Someone is coming onto my rural property and stealing equipment and vehicles.  The thieves are long gone by the time the cops get there.  Can you help?
A, ABSOLUTELY!  We are State of Florida licensed Private Investigators and own a State licensed and insured Security Agency.  We can custom fit the perfect solution for you.

For more information on GPS tracking services please call 800/673.1776