Personal GPS Tracking
DISCRETE , affordable GPS tracking.

LIVE GPS Tracking

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Welcome to your source for GPS vehicle and asset trackers!

Our GPS tracking devices are small, discrete and easily installed by the user.  Our GPS tracking system features real-time tracking and 24 hour per day web-based access. 

Our clients GPS track their airplanes, boats, cars, motorcycles and high-value cargo, then watch their asset move in real time on the web.  You can too! 


Q. Is GPS tracking legal?
A. Absolutely!  You can legally track anything you own.

Q. Is this "live GPS tracking"?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I GPS track my girlfriend/boyfriend?
A. We've never installed a tracker on an actual person.   

Q. Do I need access to the interior of the vehicle to install a tracker?
A. NO!  Our trackers are DISCRETE and can be QUICKLY placed under a vehicle, behind a bumper, or anyplace suitable.

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